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I provide interior design consultancy, custom furniture and lighting pieces for domestic and commerical settings. I also produce visualisations of design concepts and ideas.

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I am a canadian designer working mainly in small production and commissioned pieces. I produce the majority of my designs myself, by hand, in a small workshop because I like to follow the complete design process from start to finish. For me, this is where the joy of designing is. I am an inventor and have several patents pending and am an avid tickerer, fixing and modifying just about anything. When I’m not designing, I spend my time getting into adventures with my son and wife.

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This website is self-hosted on my own server powered by 100% renewable energy. The website is static generated and has no cookies, so there is no tracking, no privacy infringement, and no annoying cookie pop-windows. The website is designed with no fancy animation transitions, embedded video or other energy and data intensive artefacts in order to be as climate friendly as possible and ultimately delivery content as quickly and efficiently as possible to the end user without distractions. Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions on how to improve this site.